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Our point of view is that strategic plans – and strategic planning processes – can motivate, engage, and inspire. We pride ourselves on helping organizations craft strategic plans that are clear, provide meaningful choices, and are written in the clients’ voice.

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Strategic plans should be ambitious, but realistic. Pushing the envelope of what is achievable, without becoming overwhelming. Strategic plans should identify what is going to be pursued, and what is not going to be pursued.

Establishing clear task owners, timelines, dependencies, budgets, and action plans is the easy part. Communicating what’s going to be different and reducing the resistance and internal friction that inevitably comes with change, is what sets our approach to Operational Planning apart.

Beyond accountability matrices and GANTT charts, operational plans need to ensure staff understand and buy into the new priorities. Incorporating change management planning techniques, we ensure individuals understand their roles and how they are personally connected to the organization’s purpose, and delivering the new priorities.

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