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We are dedicated to providing small business owners and entrepreneurs with guidance, as well as tools and resources needed to start up their business.

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In difficult times, the way ahead isn’t always clear. We understand the realities of running a business and have helped countless entrepreneurs pull through challenging periods and plan their recovery. You can count on us for practical, proven strategies that are tailored to the needs of your business.

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Zaccata Concept is focused to help women entrepreneurs reconnect with the heart, soul, and purpose of their business. We offer solutions that can help them re-focus & revitalize their goals with balance, determination & the power of their vision.

Our history of successfully leading businesses through all levels of change, has helped me to understand that each person and business is unique and deserves customized support.

get to know your business

We dive deep into your business to understand your mission and how it operates.

understanding your challenges

Every business has their challenges and we aim to understand them to provide solutions.

determining your goals

We want to help your business grow and achieve milestones that will be beneficial in the long run.
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We Will Help You Every Step Of The Way

We help you define the right goals for your business and develop the strategies to achieve them, while ensuring that you have the right capabilities and resources in place to make it all happen.


learning all about your business

We meet with you to understand your business and objectives.


assess your business and its current state

Present our assessment of your current state to you and your team.


Strategic planning based on your challenges

We work together to define your company’s future, vision, mission and values.

we will assist you in any business challenges

We ensure that your business will have the right capabilities and resources in place to make it all happen.

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